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Philip Jarvis Estate Agent Buyers Guide

Whether you are looking for a new home or an investment we are here to help you throughout the whole process taking care of you every step of the way, from finding your ideal home right through to moving in day.  Follow these simple steps to help you find your new property in the Kentish countryside.

1.     Find out how much you can afford.

A good starting point is to get a clear picture of what you can afford.  How much a lender will actually lend you and also importantly, the costs of buying taking into account solicitors fees, stamp duty payments and potential early repayment fees.  It is also worth speaking to more than one lender.  At Philip Jarvis Estate Agent we use a company called Fordyce and Playle that can access the whole mortgage market ensuring you get the full picture and comprehensive advice.  Understanding how much you can borrow will naturally influence the properties you can go and view.

2.    Contact Philip Jarvis Estate Agent.

There are many ways of contacting us.  You can register here on this website, you can visit our office in The Square in Lenham, call our number on 01622 858241 or send us an email at  We will then take all of your details and match you to the properties we have available.  Think about what you want your new home to look like, what features it will have and where it will be.  Have a clear mindmap and plan but be prepared to be flexible and compromise.

3.    View as many properties as possible.

The only real way of knowing whether a property is right for you is to go and actually view it.  Study the photos and floor plan beforehand but go with an open mind.  Take as much in as possible and do not feel rushed.  At Philip Jarvis Estate Agent we try to do as many of the viewings as possible.  Ask as many questions as you want.  Make a list of key questions.  Viewing the property from the outside first is often a good idea especially if the location is not familiar with you.  If you are unsure perhaps go back at a different time of day.

4.    Research the area.

Before viewing properties it is worth checking out the area.  At Philip Jarvis Estate Agent we are very lucky.  Lenham and the surrounding area is a very popular place to live so buyers are keen to move here straight away.  

Check out factors such as communication links.  How far is the nearerst railway station and what sort of commuter service does it provide?  Are there any local schools and if so what are they like?  Did their last OFSTED inspection go well?  Are there any shops nearby?  Building a picture of the local area whill help you choose the area you want to live in.

5.    Making an offer.

Once you have found a property you would like to buy you will need to make an offer.  Do your homework.  Research what price similar properties in the area have sold for.  Offer a figure you are comfortable with but remember the best way to secure a property is to offer the asking price.  Be prepared to prove that your finances are in place and if you are selling as well, your chain is complete.  Be prepared to be flexible with the seller especially if there is more than one interested party.

6.    Instruct a solicitor.

In order to buy a property you will need a solicitor.  Think carefully about who you use.  The cheapest is very seldom the best.  Use a local solicitor who can provide a personable service and is easily accessible for dropping in documents and signing contracts.  We can help you find an efficient and thorough solicitor.

7.    The sale proceeds.

A memorandum of sale will be sent to all parties confirming the sale price and special conditions and timescales.  The mortgage is applied for as required.  If you do not need a mortgage survey the onus will be on you to organise your own survey.

A draft contract will be sent to your solicitor from the sellers solicitor.  Enquiries will be raised.  Local searches will be undertaken, fixtures and fittings agreed and a date for exchange of contracts (when the purchase becomes legally binding) is agreed.  Do not be afraid to ask your solicitor any questions however silly they may seem.

While this is occurring the lender will instruct a surveyor to carry out a survey to assess the condition of the property and the value of the property.  If you do not need a survey the onus will be on you to organise your own survey.  Further reports may subsequently be needed depending on the results of the survey.  The mortgage offer will be issued after a successful survey and once all financial checks have been made.

8.    Exchange of contracts.

The purchase becomes legally binding at the point of exchange of contracts.  This will occur once the mortgage offer is received, searches are complete, all enquiries have been answered satisfactorily and your solicitor is happy with everything.  Having then paid a deposit which is normally no less than 10% of the purchase price, the exchange will occur with an agreed moving date (completion date) set for normally at least a week later.

Moving day.

Completion is the day the property becomes yours.  The balance of monies, normally from the mortgage lender, are sent to the solicitors.  Once they have the money the keys to your new home become yours and you can move in.  Plan for the day with removals and help from friends but remember you cannot move in until your money has been sent and been received by your sellers solicitor.